Busy nursing and healthcare professionals struggling to find time to fulfil their continuing professional development (CPD) obligations can win back hours and access high-quality learning through online CPD courses.

Fulfilling annual CPD requirements can be a hugely time-consuming endeavour, piling on additional pressures to an already high-stress occupation. In fact, these pressures can be enough to make people leave the nursing profession altogether, according to the most recent Leavers’ Survey from the Nursing & Midwife Council (NMC).

The survey found that “too much pressure” was one of the top three most-cited reasons for people leaving the profession (26.4%), with just under a fifth (18%) citing “concerns about not being able to meet revalidation requirements” – the fourth most common reason. The report notes that many people “felt unable to keep up with the written requirements of revalidation or training, and the perceived complexity of the process.”


(Image source: nmc.org.uk)

Through online CPD eLearning courses, working healthcare professionals with limited available time have found many benefits to the flexibility provided by online learning. With high-quality courses available and advances in eLearning technology powering efficient and effective learning outcomes, conducting CPD online eLearning and training can help nursing professionals both relieve stress and advance their career.

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Benefits of Online CPD Courses

Online training is an extremely effective learning method.

Numerous studies have shown this to be the case. A report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), for example, found learners acquire skills and knowledge through eLearning courses as well as, or better than they do through traditional, face to face methods.

Research compiled by Shift eLearning concurs. Not only does it find that online learning courses typically require 40-60% less time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting, but retention rates are improved by 25-60% as well. It also finds that eLearning participants learn nearly five times more material without increasing time spent in training.  


(Image source: shiftelearning.com)

Online CPD courses can also be a much more affordable option than traditional learning. Not only are course fees typically lower, but course material – such as textbooks and handouts – do not need to be purchased, as they are made freely accessible online as part of the eLearning package.

Additionally, there are no commuting costs – using a desktop, laptop or handled device such as a smartphone or tablet, the learner can complete their CPD course from the comfort of their own home. This, in turn, provides greater flexibility and convenience. Learners can plan ahead when they will complete their learning – fitting it in around work, family commitments and other life priorities, rather than the other way around. The reason is that CPD course material is always accessible online to be completed when convenient – be it in the morning, afternoon, evening, or late at night.  

As such, many of the pressures and stresses of learning are removed. There is no need to leave work early, for instance, to fight traffic across town to be at an evening class at a certain place and time – you can complete your CPD course training completely free of geographical obstacles and constraints.

eLearning technology also provides learners with a rich diversity of learning experiences. No matter if you’re a visual, learner, auditory learner, or a reading/writing learner, online CPD courses will suit your preferred style of learning. The best eLearning courses today include videos, images and audio files as well as written text. These can all be studied individually at your own pace, without any of the usual classroom distractions or pressure from other learners to move onto the next module.

Remove the Stress from CPD with High-Quality eLearning

Every year, nursing professionals must undertake 35 hours of mandatory training as part of their continuing professional development requirements. This is approaching an additional full working week to fit into your already high-pressure, busy schedule.

Online CPD courses are the answer. Providing a flexible method of earning CPD points at your own pace and in your own time, eLearning removes the stress from continuing professional development.

Health Med. Training Solutions allows you to earn valuable CPD points with accredited CPD training courses from anywhere. Our progressive eLearning courses are of the highest standard – created by professionals, for professionals – and independently accredited by The CPD Certification Service. They are also completely mobile – accessible online via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC – giving you the freedom to learn anywhere at any time.

Our mission is to make the future of learning simple for every type of learner. With Health Med. you can easily access educational content provided by an accomplished faculty of healthcare leaders and professionals, covering a broad range of skills and specialisations through our technology-powered training solutions.

Try our latest online courses Advanced Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture (by Dr John Tsagaris and Brett Robertson) and Acupuncture for Endocrinology and Female Health (by Bryony Dowson). 

Coming soon are courses by leading professors and doctors from a more biomedical stance. Register interest for our online CPD courses here, or get in touch for more information.

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