After several years in the field of Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture and aesthetic medicine, many patients and many more treatments later, I feel its important to clarify why I believe cosmetic treatments support profound personal, psychological, psychosocial change in patients, whilst supporting your career ambitions through continued professional development (CPD).

In 2017 – 28.3 thousand procedures were recorded according to statista, which went on to value the cosmetics industry at £9.77 billion, of which cosmetic facial care was the leading category. The international medical travel journal (IMTJ) estimates although variable, suggest that the non-surgical market is growing exponentially and could grow to as much as £3 billion by 2023. 

Growth of the market is attributed to many factors, however, possibly the greatest influence is from social media trends and the acceptance of non-surgical treatments by a younger audience, who are more confident about seeking advice and treatment. 

With the acceleration in this sector comes the responsibility of healthcare professionals to elevate the ethical standards from inconsistent professional knowledge to the effective education of patients with the latest research. This is important in cultivating an effective long-term patient-clinician relationship across all demographics, key to overall market growth and confidence. 

A major cause for concern in the non-surgical market is the lack of regulation, despite recommendations made in 2013. The rise of unregistered, non-clinical practitioners with minimal training is a cause for concern. With over 80% of complaints being registered from injectables. Herein lies the greatest opportunity for purposeful practitioners looking to expand their practices, and simultaneously creating economic resilience and stability.

Why this is important for acupuncturists and medical professionals who offer needling in their scope of practice?

Up to half of qualified acupuncturists stop practice within 5 years, and a leading reason for stopping is attributed to the low earning potential, not including the unprecedented changes that are occurring now with the COVID-19 circumstances. However, there are solutions:

The fastest growing sector is skincare and anti-ageing (as previously mentioned), this sector is literally bursting at the seams. With this in mind, fully qualified acupuncturists are equipped to adequately recognise syndrome-patterns and are easily able to address acute disorders, aches, pains, and chronic ailments. However, the vast majority of acupuncturists lack the specialist education necessary to thrive in this very specialised and competitive market. 

Whilst the opportunity is available to all, and many acupuncturists feel their degree training is sufficient, many have come to realise how specialist knowledge and training can elevate their skills and improve the quality of the treatments they offer their patients’. High quality training is necessary to guarantee the rejuvenating outcomes patients have come to demand, particularly as there are more and more injectable options at their disposal. Many different training options are available, yet in order to be truly valuable to your practice and clinic, a comprehensive course which offers you the latest biomedical and Chinese medicine research and allows you to easily interact and integrate the material is essential. 

Facial+Muscles+eLearning+Our eCourse has been designed to offer the complete experience for purposeful clinicians, and forms the pre-requisite for the follow-on physical training with industry leading professional Dr John Tsagaris. To name but a fraction of what is in the course; we will walk you through each layer of the face anatomically and physiologically, go through in-depth knowledge of the ageing process and how this impacts on the appearance, provide deep insight into gold standard safe-practice guidelines, build a catalogue of aesthetic specific knowledge which will give you the confidence to communicate effectively and accurately with other healthcare professionals (e.g. dermatologists and plastic surgeons), as well as your patients and so much more. We will be giving you the latest biomedical information and relate each aspect with the Chinese medicine point of view seamlessly, the Advanced Facial Cosmetic course is comprised of the latest leading research, with a wealth of clinical experience tips interspersed throughout, delivered by a multifaceted approach to learning, with our unique dynamic interactions, never before seen imagery and the latest eLearning tools.

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 We believe that a further benefit of becoming proficient in the area of Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture & aesthetics as a whole, allows you to become a bridge for patients who otherwise would not look to acupuncture for their health and wellbeing. This educates a large receptive audience to the benefits of acupuncture and the value of taking a proactive approach to their healthcare, allowing you to facilitate even greater change.

Many of our patients describe how their treatments have not only improved their relationship with themselves and their appearance, the relationship with their partners have improved; but also, how their confidence in their social and professional lives has risen, and the list goes on. 

Everything I have heard and seen from patient feedback has shown me that although the reason for treatment may have been skin deep the results have been anything but that. It has enlightened me to the value we can offer in unexpected places and just how important this form of treatment is to the whole. Therefore, I encourage all acupuncturists and needling professionals to explore the seeming paradox of how such a shallow form of needling can offer deep and lasting benefit and become a bridge for the many that we serve, whilst still enriching the values that we hold dear, the health of the people we treat.

As such, advanced facial cosmetic acupuncture is a valuable addition to your set of clinical skills. Using some of your CPD hours to train is your first step to unlocking these advantages. Whether you’d simply like to expand the treatment options your current place of work offers, or are looking for a skills’ boost that will aid your next career goal, facial cosmetic acupuncture can help you get there.

Health Med. Training Solutions offers a range of fully accredited advanced facial cosmetic acupuncture courses, all informed by the latest research and led by clinical experts. You learn at your pace, at times that suit you.

Check out our range of cosmetic acupuncture courses now.

This is what other healthcare professionals have said: 

This is an excellent course. I am very happy that I have decided to join it.
At the time of receiving an invitation for the course, I was busy finishing my BSc (Hons) Acupuncture degree, had a lot of commitments, and therefore was hesitant. But I was pleasantly surprised by "easily digestible" and enjoyable content of the course.
The course is interesting, diverse and in-depth. Its content covers all aspects you need to comprehend. The course materials are well-organised, and are ideal for referring to in the future. This course gave me new insights and was a beneficial refreshment of my existing TCM knowledge.
" - Veronika Gurov, UK

I found the material truly insightful, specific, and comprehensive. The course blends current scientific research with classical Chinese medicine beautifully. The structure is easy to follow, cleverly presented, and extremely informative. I am confident that professionals integrating these techniques will be contributing positively to both their clients and practice. I’m looking forward to offering positive ageing methods into my practice. - Kerry Webster, UK