Health Med. Training Solutions’ acupuncture courses could take your practice into completely new areas and grow a completely new client base. They could also help you provide complementary therapies that benefit your existing patients.

That’s the great thing about acupuncture – you can offer it in the capacity that best suits your patients and supports your practice’s goals. 

Around 2.3 million traditional acupuncture treatments are carried out in the UK each year, making it one of the most popular complementary therapies available. What’s more, with over 10,000 clinical studies into its application, interest in furthering our understanding of its clinical and wellness benefits is on the rise.  

So, if you want to give your practice a boost – whether in terms of treatments offered or size of client base – our acupuncture courses will help you reach those goals.

Below, we explain how you can use acupuncture to reinvigorate your practice. 

Our Acupuncture Courses Can Complement Your Existing Treatments

One of the most popular applications of acupuncture is as a complementary therapy to Western clinical treatments. Athletes often use it to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Sufferers of chronic illnesses use it to help ease joint pain. Dermatology patients use it to help rejuvenate the complexion. 

In other words, acupuncture treatments can provide useful additional benefits to your existing patient base in addition to what you’re already offering.

If you’re a private practice, this has the potential to increase your income from existing patients through offering extended treatment options. 

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Let’s say your practice mainly provides treatments relating to female health. To extend the treatment options available to your patients, whilst remaining relevant to your chosen specialty, you could look into offering acupuncture for female hormonal health. This would offer a holistic way of easing menopause symptoms. You could increase revenues from existing HRT patients whilst offering them a useful, natural way of dealing with the changes in their life. 

Our Acupuncture Courses Can Open Up New Client Bases 

As well as providing an extended range of treatments to your existing patients, taking one of our acupuncture courses could attract a range of new clients to your practice. 

Offering Acupuncture on Prescription

The NHS sometimes prescribes acupuncture as a pain relief treatment for chronic headaches and migraines, particularly for patients with illnesses with significant pain management needs. 

Typically, NHS-prescribed acupuncture takes place in GP surgeries or physiotherapy clinics. Physiotherapy clinics in particular, can expand their client base by adding clinical acupuncture to their list of treatments. This both expands the client base for immediate treatments and increases awareness of the clinic’s other services. By offering acupuncture in a private health care setting, revenues from other treatments could increase too. 

Demand for Holistic Treatments Is Growing

Over the last few years, interest in a holistic approach to healthcare has surged. Particularly in the beauty industry, people are turning away from harsher chemical treatments like Botox, and towards more natural remedies that make you feel good on the inside as well as the outside. 

Acupuncture has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for medicinal, cosmetic and wellness purposes and Western audiences are increasingly taking note. As well as offering potential clinical benefits, patients receiving acupuncture treatment regularly report mood-related benefits. These patients consider acupuncture to be part of a wider ‘wellness’ routine rather than simply a medical treatment. 

As one of the UK’s most popular complementary therapies, offering acupuncture treatment puts your practice on the radar of this expanding wellness-oriented crowd. 

Our Acupuncture Courses Keep Your Practice Ahead of the Curve 

Our acupuncture training courses are informed by up-to-the-minute research and led by experts in both Western clinical practice and TCM. This means that if your practitioners choose Health Med. as their acupuncture course provider, your practice will gain far more than practical skills – your staff will understand the latest insights available on the subject and be able to incorporate cutting-edge clinical thinking into their practice. 

All practices should strive to keep ahead of clinical research and with increased appetite for acupuncture as both a clinical and a wellness treatment, being up on the latest developments in the area could really set your practice apart from the crowd.   

Refreshing Your Knowledge

Even if you’re already offering acupuncture and are fully affiliated members of the British Acupuncture Council, it’s important to refresh your acupuncture practitioners’ skills from time to time. 

This could be to keep up with the latest research and techniques, or perhaps to expand into new areas of acupuncture treatment, such as facial cosmetic acupuncture or female health acupuncture.

Our acupuncture courses can reinvigorate your practitioners’ practical skills, your practice’s areas of expertise and, ultimately, revenue generated from the treatments you offer. 

Study Acupuncture on Your Own Schedule

Our courses are independently accredited by CPD-UK, they are also entirely based around online learning.

This means that your practitioners can work at a schedule that suits them, while continuing to provide the best possible care to your existing patients as they train. You can reinvigorate your practice with new skills whilst supporting your practitioners’ CPD requirements and continuing to treat patients at your current capacity. 

Check out our range of acupuncture courses now.


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